We just discovered this place yesterday. We bought a pound of the best tasting barbeque I have ever eaten...in my life! I went by there again, today, wanting to buy more, possibly a rack of barbeque pork ribs too! They weren't there.....I wanted to cry. Hopefully I will find them next week!! - Jody K

Love it! My girl and I stopped for the first time today, great people and even better BBQ. I had the ribs potato salad and baked beans. Just enough spice in sauce, and best p. Salad I've ever had. And the chopped BBQ sandwich was prime! - Brennen H

Finger Lickin' Goodness, we live in the area and have passed by several times, today we decided to stop, and HOLY RIBS Batman! My father's ribs are my all time fave but this is as close as I will ever get! You have a new loyal customer!Awesome Sauce also, but the ribs are amazing, will be back soon!! - Chanel L

Absolutely amazing bbq!! We have passed his smoker every weekend for years! Finally tried them out and 1) the bbq is great! 2) the owners are so friendly and personable! New favorite spot.  - Brittany C

This is by far the best BBQ I ever had in my life. The meats are grilled/smoked to perfection and the sides are amazing. My girlfriend and I been thinking of that food since first bite. Look forward eating this wonderful food in the future. There is love in this food. Thank you. - Marvin J

Finally got a chance to stop here today! The service was wonderful and the food was even better. I had the pulled pork sandwich and it was too good to put into words! - Catie A

Everything they make is the BEST in Va! I loved it! Had it twice now. The ribs and chicken is on point. And the BBQ is the best I've ever had! Hope y'all get a store soon. - Helen D

This bbq, was amazing! I instantly knew I was in for something special, the moment she gave me a sample.. and don't even get me started on the potatoe salad, I wasn't planning on getting sides but I'm glad I did... those ribs and sauce mmm.. definitely a loyal customer after trying today.... - Ttmoana M

I had this barbecue yesterday an I must say the food was awesome. From the flavor of the ribs, the pulled pork, the potato salad and I can't forget the cabbage that all other customers told to get...finally. - Nicole B

The best food I've eaten in along time! Nuf said....oh please try everything on the menu it's blazing. - Al S

Drove past for three years, decided to stop and finally try it. I was sad because they only take cash and I had none on me. Then they gave me a sample. Walked my behind to the seven eleven and pulled cash out immediately because, wow. Give these wonderful people your business. They are friendly and treat you like family, plus, food is amazing. A party for your taste buds for sure. - Jeremy J

Best BBQ in the area, big healthy portions, and really fast service. - Jason S